by Alex and Allyson Grey

As each moment arises,
Appreciate it aesthetically,
Contemplate it symbolically,
Like the expression of the greatest
Most profound artist composer Dramatist.
Ultimately, all events and Artifacts are Emanations of
One Cosmic Creative Force.

Follow the light of love
Back to the core of your being
And bring divine radiance
Into all of your expressions.

We are here to celebrate
A new alliance of creativity and spirituality.
As artists of our own lives,
We use the medium of our consciousness.
To appreciate living In the unfinished
Masterpiece of the Great Creation.
Look at anything until it becomes a
Sacred Mirror and you see God there.
Our world, our Cosmos,
Our relationship to others and to the world,
Is a holy co-creation.
Each of us is a living breathing miracle
Of the evolutionary creativity of the cosmos.


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