Meditation Quotes

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Whenever you step out of the noise of thinking,
that is meditation,
and a different state of consciousness arises.
Eckhart Tolle  -  Meditation Quotes

Meditation is not a way
of making your mind quiet.
It is a way of entering into the quiet
that is already there.
DeepakChopra  -  Meditation Quotes

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  1. Meditation is witnessing that I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the emotions.
  2. Meditation techniques give us the glimpse of meditation but it is not the end. One has to grow one’s meditativeness. Longing, persistence, diligence, trust, and innocence are required to let the bud of meditation bloom into the flower of meditativeness whose fragrance spreads in the depths and heights of existence.
  3. Meditation has no goal. We should not have any aim, goal or desire for having any gains through meditation. It should be a playful and natural.
  4. Nothing in this life remains for ever. The only thing that stays with us and we take it after death is meditation.
  5. Most intelligent people choose the path of meditation. Every thing in  this world is transient and meditation is way to connect with our inner center which is always unchanged, at ease and content.
  6. Meditation techniques are needed in the beginning because we have been living unconsciously for so many lives. But once we have mastered the knack of meditation then we begin to live consciously and a time comes when we drop the technique also.
  7. Meditation is not separate from life but it is to live life with more awareness, more consciousness.
  8. Meditation does not answer the questions of the mind but it dissolves the very mind which creates many questions and confusion in our life.
  9. Meditation is the death of the mind. Death in the sense that mind is no longer the master of our life but it becomes our slave and we can use the mind whenever we want it.
  10. Meditation is effortless awareness in all our actions. Practically we can not be aware all the time unless we become enlightened but we can certainly put effort in being more aware in our actions.
  11. It is our responsibility to be aware in all our actions.
  12. Awareness is something which we all have to practice in our actions. Only thing needed to be aware in our actions is to become aware. More we practice awareness in our actions, more we become aware. Awareness leads to awareness. If we can be aware in this moment then we can take this awareness in next moment too.
  13. Meditation is the art of being a witness in all the activities of life from waking to sleep. It is being aware in the waking activities and also in sleep.
  14. Awareness is our essential reality. Its our true center. Its just that we have got identified with the periphery of thoughts, conditioning, emotions, moods.
  15. Awareness is the flower which blooms but never dies, but keeps on growing as we grow in awareness.
  16. Spiritual books and masters inspire and help. But we cannot depend on them. Ultimately we have to take responsibility of our lives and put effort in being more aware.
  17. Initially, meditation starts with efforts but in the end it becomes effortless awareness.
  18. Meditation has to be a part of our every activity. Its not sufficient to meditate for 1 hour and be unaware for 23 hours. It has to become the inner thread of all our actions.
  19. Our mind does not like meditation because meditation is a death for the mind. But with awareness we can easily transcend the mind and get dis-identify with it.
  20. Witnessing is the essence of meditation. What we witness does not matter but what is important is the witness who watches everything.
  21. Meditation is the art of witnessing everything with out getting identified.
  22. The Art of living is to live life meditatively.
  23. Mind lives in the past or future. To live in this moment is meditation.
  24. Meditation is a state of being in which there is utter relaxation as well as awareness.
  25. All Meditation techniques are to help us learning the knack of being aware in each moment.
  26. Meditation is not stopping the mind but it is to understand the mind desires and its motives by being silently watchful of its thought process.
  27. Meditation comes easily to a joyful person.
  28. The moment ambition enters in the meditation, Be aware that we have lost the awareness.
  29. One should not meditate for any reason or for any hidden motive. Because any motive is going to bring the mind and corrupt the meditation.
  30. A meditative person is always watchful of his mind and his responses comes from his awareness.
  31. To Live in the Mind is to live in Misery. Mind itself is misery and Meditation is the way to go beyond this misery and live each moment in Bliss.
  32. Mind is conditioned by society, parents, media to think in a certain pattern of thinking and Meditation is to detach oneself from this conditioning by being continuously aware of our thinking.
  33. In Meditation we witness out thoughts without any Judgment.
  34. Meditation is passive awareness of one’s actions and thoughts.
  35. Meditation does not impose anything on us but it make us free from the slavery of mind.
  36. The moment we judge anything, Mind enters.
  37. Mind is thinking. Meditation is no-thinking.
  38. Meditation happens when the doer is absent. When Ego is there, then God is absent.
  39. Meditation needs our totality. Any action done with totality becomes meditation.
  40. While dancing intensely, If dancer is not there but only dance is left then it is meditation.
  41. Meditation is not against mind but it is the art of going beyond mind.