My four vows

Do you have vows that you are living every day?

I would like to share with you my vows:

I vow to the world to do four things every day and remind myself of these four things every day:

  1. To meditate daily with my sons for a minimum 3 minutes.
  2. To be compassionate towards all living beings.
  3. To choose to do the right things, and don’t do the wrong things.
  4. To do all things with love, no matter how small the thing it is, I do it with love.

More about my vows:

#1 Meditate daily with my sons: I know for sure that meditation is benefical to me. And I believe that meditation is important to my sons as well. I make it only 3 minutes so I can not miss it. I have no excuse if I miss a day. It’s only 3 minutes. If I can not do that, that means I don’t want to do that. That means I break my vows. No excuses.

I hope to build the habit of meditation daily first.

#2 Practicing compassion. I am not as compassionate as I want me to be. It is easier to forget cultivating compassion every day. I have to read the vow every day to keep it in my mind always. I want it to be my first thought before I live, work, and communicate… with others. Compassion guides me in every thing I do and how I behave others.

#3 Always do the right things. I know I can not always do the right things. I just do my best. For example, I am eating dinner and I am full, I should stop eating, but the cake is so yummy that I can’t resist to take another slice of cake.

Keep eating while I am already full is not good and not right decision. In such cases, I must remind myself this vow. The right thing to do in this case is to stop eating. Keep eating in this case is a wrong choice. Eating brings me some pleasures but pleasure doesn’t mean true happiness. If you eating too much your health will suffer. In this case, instant pleasure of eating leads to unhappiness in the long run.

#4 Do all things with love. This is also hard to incorporate into my daily life. Many times during the day, I caught myself dislike something that I am doing, such as washing dishes, cleaning the floor etc. I will try to look at those things at different perspective to bring love and meaning to them. For example, I might think that it is a privilege that I have a family and have a chance to take care for them.

Thank you for reading my vows!

With love,

Que Anh