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Buddhist Stories for children - The Best Gift PossibleChapter 12 of the Wise-Stupid (Damarnuka-nidana) Sutra tells that while our Buddha, Sakyamuni, was in Sravasti, a monk was practicing meditation in a forest nearby. There he also recited sutras. He had a beautiful voice, so when he chanted sutras, even the birds liked to listen to him.

There was one bird in particular that came whenever the monk chanted sutras. It would perch on a branch near by and listen carefully.

One day while it was absorbed in the sutra, a hunter killed that little bird.

But because it had paid such careful attention to the sutra, after death its soul went to the palace in Trayastrimsas, one of the heavens, where it was reborn as a glorious heavenly being. He had the power to see into past lives. When he realized why he had been reborn in heaven, he brought divine flowers and scattered them about the monk reciting sutras in the forest. Then he kowtowed to the monk, to show his reverence and gratitude.

The monk was surprised to see a heavenly being showing such respect to a mere mortal, and asked the reason. When he found out that this was his little listener, the monk was happy for him. He gave him the best gift possible, the gift of wisdom. He told the bird who had become a heavenly being about the truth of the universe, or what we call the Buddhist dharma.

The heavenly being was overjoyed with such a fine present. With his new wisdom, he made quick progress, and went back to heaven to continue his studies.

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